We're a small brazilian team dedicated to offer a pure android experience with useful features...


We like the pure android, but it looks more beautiful with more details, right?

  • Simple

    We offer a simple and easy menu for customization on your device.

  • Clean

    We value a clean and direct interface.

  • Customization

    Have customization possibilities on your device, do not hang on the same!

  • Useful features

    We offer useful resources for your day-to-day life.

Redmi Note 4/4X running ViperOS.
  • Secure

    Updated every month with security patch according to Google.

  • Themes

    Our ROM offers a theme engine for you to customize your device.

  • Stable

    Our philosophy is to deliver a stable ROM with useful features.

  • Light

    We value a lightweight, bloatwares-free interface.


Things that we would like to highlight.


We value the privacy of our users, and we follow all of Android's security options.


We value a clean and simple interface, coupled with a fluid system with useful features.


We offer customization options for your device and useful features for your day-to-day life.

Download right now!

Download right now for your device!
PS: A compatible recovery with your device must be installed (TWRP or Redwolf).

Find us

Our source is open and is on GitHub, be free to build and share on our community.


Need a direct contact? Contact us by e-mail: viperos@outlook.com.


Our source is open and avaible in GitHub, be free to build.